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The following are videos and documents on a wide variety of topics. All should hopefully be useful in our job with Venturers.  

Activities focus on specific projects or scheduled work at our various host sites. We are in several Alberta Provincial Parks as well as local area residential camps including Easter Seals Camp Horizon & Kamp Kiwanis. Community partner organizations supporting our work include Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society,  Bragg Creek Chamber of Commerce and Calgary Horticultural Society. Participants learn new skills or use skills he or she has while experiencing the benefits of being part of a team in the community.  An additional outcome of our projects is that they provide an environment that celebrates and rewards the gifts, talents and attributes of each member. 


Interest Based Activities

​In addition to Acreage work and Park, Camp and Trail Maintenance, members participate in activities of interest to them. This can include recreational or educational activities outside of our program (Calgary Zoo, Prairie Gleaners, etc.) or in-house activities like a personal wood project shown here.

Other examples of in-house activities include Bike Maintenance and Horticulture. Abandoned bikes are given to Venturers. If possible the bikes are repaired and then donated to local charities and/or sold to recover the cost of equipment and supplies. The Horticulture component involves gardening as well as production of bird houses, butterfly houses, ladybug huts, bee nests, benches and hypertufa rock planters. These hypertufa rock planters are suitable for succulents, wildflowers and other water-wise plants. ​

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Park Projects

​Teams support Alberta Parks staff whenever we can. Medicine Hat teams revitalized the parks mini-putt in 2018. Here is another example of assisting with information sign installation in East Kananaskis. 

We have paid contracts for the cleaning and garbage removal we do in provincial parks, we volunteer for other tasks and they donate the use of our host sites and administration office. Great teamwork, we think! 


Friends of Fish Creek Prov. Park Society (Friends) Dedication Bench Installation and Maintenance

​Calgary Teams install and complete Spring and Fall Maintenance on the Friends Dedication Benches in Fish Creek Provincial Park and Big Hill Springs Provincial Park. When a Dedication Bench is purchased, the Friends contact The Venturers who then go to the approved location. When weather permits, they dig the holes, install the bench and then fill the holes with cement. The pad and bench are cleaned twice a year including litter pickup, weed control, graffiti removal and refinishing as needed. 

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