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2021 - Venturers is commended for their Safety Record. Leaders and individuals understand protocols and daily activities and reviews show there have been few instances of safety concerns or incident reports. 
2018 - Venturers is commended for providing unique opportunities for individuals to engage in a community with others who enjoy nature and who share common interests; for its attention to safety and for doing all they can to manage risk by establishing good work practices that are used on a daily basis; for using methods that ensure that most of the available staff time is spent with direct involvement and contact with individuals and with a focus on ensuring that all participants understand their purpose at Venturers. 


The Alberta TrailNet and the Government of Alberta Present this Award to The Venturers Society: 

In recognition of leadership and accomplishments in the development and operation of recreation trails as a means to encourage physical activity, healthy living and interaction with the natural environment. 

Gentlemen, I just want to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate the tremendous amount of work you put into the Mount Romulus Campground in recent weeks. The difference between three weeks ago and what I saw yesterday was impressive. The site pads, accesses, outhouses, signage, trails work, etc. were top notch and I think it's safe to say it's a site you can be proud of. Thanks so much! Duane, Alberta Parks. 

Venturers certainly gave John and Larry permanent jobs Monday to Friday and gave them independence, moral support and self confidence in all that they accomplish everyday. As their mother I am so very grateful and thankful to all the staff and everyone being there for them everyday. Bernice 

The Venturers Society continues to be a true partnership we are most proud of, because of its immense commitment to the park and to the men and women in the program. The Society's dedication to providing meaningful projects and experiences for each of the crews has resulted in a strong and diverse program that supports their artistic, creative, fun-loving, and adventurous spirits. The Venturers are leaders in stewardship, caring, and boots-to-the-ground building of a better Fish Creek Provincial Park; this would not be the same place without them. We are so often inspired by their light-hearted approach to such big, heavy work. Thank you.

Fish Creek Provincial Park

The First Nations, Metis and Inuit Education Department of Medicine Hat School District #76 would like to express to you our support of this program. 

The Venturer's (sic) Society has been an integral part of our programs in the Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park setting. For the past 11 years this groups has contributed significantly to the delivery of our special programs whether it is History in the Hills, Cultural Awareness programs or our Walking with Kokum program they are always there to assist and support us! Without their help our programs would not run nearly as smoothly! We rely on them for the physical work that they contribute in setting up our events. The work they do with the district gives them the opportunity to learn skills they may not have ever thought possible like harvesting tipi poles and assisting in setting them up and tearing down tipis and tents, peeling poles and caring for the tools. They have developed an affinity for working with Aboriginal peoples which they may have never had that opportunity working indoors...


Deborah Lloyd, B.Ed.

First Nations Metis and Inuit Education Teacher

Thank you for the letter and DVD you sent regarding your organization. I was very pleased to learn about the work your organization does in the community as I watched your DVD. Trail maintenance, wood chopping and clean up are essential for keeping Alberta's provincial parks beautiful for everyone to enjoy. By contributing to this important work, you are providing a service to all Albertans and the many people who visit our parks year round. I also enjoyed hearing how your organization impacts the lives of the community members you assist. Their appreciation for your work was apparent in the comments they made through the video.

This type of community work is an example of how engagement and participating in the community can be truly meaningful. 


Frank Oberle, Office of the Associate Minister of Services for Persons with Disabilities, 2013, MLA, Peace River

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